Pixiu Black Tourmaline Bracelet 镀金貔貅黑碧玺手串 8mm

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Gold-plated Pixiu Black Tourmaline

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MCB 镀金貔貅黑碧玺手串😎 Black Tourmaline


















MCB Gold-plated Pixiu Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Black tourmaline has a strong ability to ward off evil spirits, can remove evil qi and purify the surrounding magnetic field. At the same time, black tourmaline is the same as obsidian,

it has a strong adsorption capacity. Hold the black tourmaline in your hand and meditate carefully to expel the toxins and turbidity in the body.

Play the role of removing evil. Therefore, the black tourmaline acts as a talisman, and it can be worn regularly to get rid of evil and improve luck.


Black tourmaline corresponds to the "sea chakra", which can strengthen the kidneys and have the effect of longevity and longevity.

Black tourmaline can also absorb and weaken the negative energy in the body, helping people to relieve stress and fatigue,

Eliminating sickness in the body has a positive effect on human health. In addition,

Black tourmaline can also regulate blood circulation, help sleep, and enhance immunity.


Black tourmaline can help people absorb the internal organs of the body and skin,

At the same time, it can repair the skin and really play a role in beautifying and beautifying. Black tourmaline has a strong ability to remove evil and ward off evil,but its own purification ability is very low, so we must remember to degauss and purify in time after use.


Pixiu is a kind of lucky charm that everyone knows, and there has always been a custom of Pixiu in China.

In addition to the benefits of wearing a brave, it also has a certain effect on warding off evil spirits, suppressing disasters, and transforming houses.

Therefore, wearing Pixiu and obsidian together can bring complementary effects.




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